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Tessella was founded in 1980. Now the Altran Group’s World Class Center for Analytics, Tessella has grown to become a truly global leader in data science and AI consulting. In France, we work across a wide variety of sectors, including life sciences, energy, consumer goods and engineering.

Career FR 1

We have over 40 experts, from 13 nationalities in France, based in our 3 offices:

  • Lyon
  • Toulouse
  • Paris

We are very proud of our diversity and our culture, which encourages everyone to show a positive attitude and support each other. The collaborative and cooperative work environment promotes the transfer of knowledge and learning with a real balance between private and professional life.

Travailler chez Tessella, a développé mes connaissances techniques. Avec des réunions techniques presque chaque semaine, les opportunités d'absorption des connaissances sont nombreuses et avantageuses. De plus, la coopération que cette équipe a bâtie au fil du temps au sein de projets différents, est vraiment remarquable.

- Facundo
Data Scientist

Career FR 2
Career FR 3

Recruitment in France

We recruit graduate and postgraduate candidates with a strong statistical / mathematical background and very good programming skills. We value PhDs – over half of our employees have them.

All our projects involve teamwork, whether it is a Tessella team or a client team. We look for good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

Vacancies in France

Training + Career Development

Training and development are key to our success.

Personal Development

You will have an individual training plan to learn new technical and soft skills, often leading to professional qualifications. This plan is made with your line manager, who manages fewer than 10 people.

Based on this plan, and in agreement with your line manager, you will be able to take time to self-train, to carry out research projects on subjects that are important to you, to participate in conferences, to publish and to pursue other personal initiatives.


Cortex is an initiative dedicated to the acceleration of AI capabilities and enables individuals to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in the field.

Staff can apply to take time away from project work and build skills and practical experience in cutting-edge machine learning methods and technologies.

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Choose Your Path

You will be encouraged and supported to tread your own career path based on your aspirations and shaped by the skills you develop and the projects you work on.

We offer excellent future prospects, whether your path is weighted towards technical, project management, consultancy or something else. You are sure to find a rewarding career to match your ambitions.


Dans la mesure du possible, mes attentes sont prises en compte. Nos responsables essaient de jongler entre les multiples personnalités de l’équipe afin d’apporter au mieux à chacun/e ce dont il/elle a besoin. Je n’ai pas l’impression d’être un pion, une simple ressource, mais bien une personne, ayant son mot à dire, douée de réflexion.

- Andréa
Data Scientist

Career FR 4

Employee Benefits in France

We are proud to reward staff and look after their wellbeing with a competitive remuneration and benefits package.


Flexibility and transparency are key parts of our culture. We offer:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Easier teleworking (after a trial period)
  • …and more

In addition, an office buddy (outside of a hierarchical link) allows you to discuss freely on all subjects throughout your trial period.

Core Benefits

You will benefit from all the advantages of Altran group employees:

  • 25 days holiday + RTT
  • Full reimbursement of your transport ticket
  • Restaurant vouchers worth 9.05 euros
  • A mutual insurance company
  • Holiday bonus after one year of seniority
  • Access to the employee representative committee

Additional Benefits

Through employee representative committee you will have access to a lot of good deals, including:

  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Travel
  • … and more
Career FR 5

Intégrer Tessella a donné un nouvel élan à mes activités. Les experts sont formés en temps réel aux technologies de pointe. Organisés en réseau, ils constituent une communauté scientifique stimulante. Leur proximité est un enrichissement permanent.

- Jacques
Lead Data Scientist

Social Life

We engage in activities inside and outside of work to bring staff together.

Annual Conference

Tessella’s annual conference in the UK brings together all our experts from around the world, allowing us to meet to celebrate our successes and discuss all the challenges of tomorrow.

Sports & Social

Our offices all organise local activities both for Tessella and Altran staff, with BBQs, concerts, rugby games and more!

Holiday Dinner

Each office hosts an annual dinner during the holiday season to allows us to get together and celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tessella sponsor visas for international candidates?

Yes - in France, for suitable candidates successful at interview, we can sponsor the acquisition of working rights for a post within Tessella.

Does Tessella offer internships or work experience?

Currently we do not offer technical internships in France, preferring instead to offer permanent, long-term employment to high quality candidates.

What is the recruitment process?

The process is tailored to different vacancies, but in general these are the steps we follow.

1. Application. The recruitment team reviews applications against current requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know how your application is progressing.

2. First interview. A half-hour long, relaxed discussion (in French or English) with a Tessella recruiter, focusing on your background, skills and your future career plans. Our interviewers have technical backgrounds and are able to hold reasonably in-depth conversations about your academic projects and technical skills.

3. Second interview. An hour long, relaxed discussion with one of our Tessella leaders in France. The main aim of this discussion is to figuring out what are your strengths and what are the skills you have to improve.

4. Final interview. For your final interview, you will be invited to visit Tessella in one of the Altran France offices in Toulouse or Paris. This will last between half a day and a day, and you will:

  • Present a project to 3 or 4 of our team
  • Complete a 2 hour technical exercise
  • Meet the local team over coffee and have a tour of the office