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Tessella was founded in 1980 and our Spanish Office was opened in 2016. We have grown to become a global leader in data science and AI consulting. In Spain, we work across a wide variety of sectors including life sciences, energy, telecoms and aerospace.

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We have over 25 staff in Spain, based in Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain also hosts an R&D department to develop strategic projects for our customers which allows our staff to learn and work with cutting-edge technologies.

Our excellent working environment combined with the benefits we offer, the flexible career paths open to our staff and the wide array of training available make Tessella Spain a fantastic place to work.

Looking back, joining Tessella has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. I have learnt so much from the innovative and challenging projects we work on, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and share with my outstanding colleagues, who I am happy to call friends now. I sincerely hope to keep on growing and learning in this delightful company.

- Patricio
Data Scientist & Consultant

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Recruitment in Spain

We recruit STEM graduates and postgraduates throughout the year to join our teams working in data science.

We also recruit more experienced technical, business consulting and commercial professionals.

Teamwork and communication are key skills that we look for.

Vacancies in Spain

Training + Career Development

We take training and development seriously.

Training Plan

In Spain, all technical staff receive an annual training allowance. You will have an individual training plan to learn new technical and soft skills, often leading to professional qualifications.

Training can take different forms including taught courses, self-study, mentoring conferences, R&D projects and workshops.


Cortex is an initiative dedicated to the acceleration of AI capabilities and enables individuals to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in the field.

Staff can apply to take time away from project work and build skills and practical experience in cutting-edge machine learning methods and technologies.

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Choose Your Path

You will be encouraged and supported to tread your own career path based on your aspirations and shaped by the skills you develop and the projects you work on.

We offer excellent future prospects, whether your path is weighted towards technical, project management, consultancy or something else. You are sure to find a rewarding career to match your ambitions.


When someone asks me what is like to work in Tessella I always have this word in mind: Innovation! In my professional journey at Tessella, I have been in interesting, challenging and innovative projects, always with something new to learn and to be passionate about. Also, my colleagues are remarkable, the collaborative spirit makes us a wonderful team to work with!

- Vanessa
Data Scientist & Consultant

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Employee Benefits in Spain

We are proud to reward staff and look after their wellbeing with a competitive remuneration and benefits package.

Health & Wellbeing

Mental health is as important to us as physical health. We support every employee and offer a range of resources to help:

  • Private health insurance
  • In-house physical therapist
  • Health and wellbeing workshops: yoga, mindfulness, resilience, and more
  • Monthly subsidies for families with children with special needs

Core Benefits

All staff receive a competitive remuneration package, including core benefits:

  • 22 days holiday + public holidays
  • Flexible working
  • Flexible compensation system
  • Wedding gifts, presents for newborns
  • ... and more

Flexible Benefits

In addition to our core benefits, staff can choose from a range of flexible benefits to fit their needs, including:

  • Discounts for shopping, gym, and more
  • Private health insurance for your family
  • … and more
Career SP 5

There are two key assets that differentiate Tessella among the crowd. First, projects and problems addressed by the company, involve state-of-the-art technologies and are truly challenging. Second, people working here are always eager to solve these kind of innovative problems or find new ones. These two factor create an exciting R&D environment that provide Tessella a very seductive working culture.

- Manuel
Data Scientist & Consultant

Social Life + Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that making a profit and growing our business goes hand in hand with responsibilities to our local communities, the environment, our employees and our clients. We engage in activities outside of work to bring staff together.

Sports & Social

With our HOBBY PILLS initiative we share our hobbies with our colleagues and train them in what we most like to do!

ALTERNATES give us the space to enjoy afterwork life!


We support and encourage all of our staff to engage with their local communities.

We try to be active in the tech community to go further creating new ways to face the future! TECHNITIVES for meet ups, tech conferences sponsorship and talks.


Staff volunteer to participate in special projects to promote the development of technological innovation, science, better living conditions and education in favour of the global interest and the most unprivileged population groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tessella sponsor visas for international candidates?

Tessella is unable to employ candidates who require sponsorship to work in Spain. However, we very much welcome international applicants who have or can obtain EU working rights independently of Tessella.

Does Tessella offer internships or work experience?

We have one established internship at our Madrid office. To find out more, contact us.

What is the recruitment process?

All Tessella staff in Spain are employed through Altran Spain. Once you have applied for one of our roles, you will receive communications from the Altran Spain recruitment team before your Tessella selection process begins.

1. Application. Once you have applied, we carefully review and assess the applications based the criteria above.

2. Initial approach. Your first approach with our company will be conducted over the phone or video in Spanish or English by one of our recruiters in Spain to understand your background and interests to better know if Tessella can be an opportunity for your career and evolution.

3. First interview. We will have a relaxed discussion focusing on your background, skills and your future career plans. Usually conducted by Human Resources and a consultant, our interviewers have technical backgrounds and are able to hold reasonably in-depth conversations about your academic projects and technical skills.

4. Second interview. In this next steps you will find our hiring managers with who you can discuss about specific projects, client types and needs and how would be working in the teams.

5. Final rounds and joining agreement. Each recruitment process have their particularities, so is it possible to have other interviews before closing your joining conditions.

Human Resources will be to help you and guide you if needed during all the process and will manage your first day at the office to really give you the best first day possible. You will be in good hands during your GET IN ALTRAN journey for your first 6 months in the company.